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For more information, please contact The CHARGE Syndrome Foundation, Inc. at fundraising@chargesyndrome.org.

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A Special THANK YOU to Our Top 20 Fundraisers

1.   David and Jody Wolfe 8.   Brownie and Tom Shott 15. Lisa Weir
2.   Josh and Gabby Sirota 9.   Matthew and Janet Murray 16. James A. and Catherine M. Roth
3.   Sheri and Neal Stanger 10. Kristi Swann 17. Melva Strang-Foster
4.   Becky Klinghofer 11. Susan and Joel Wolfe 18. Jeanne, Gary and Liam Smith
5.   Tracy Roth 12. Jacob Hartshorne 19. Peter and Caroline Gagliardi
6.   Sharon and John Chatham 13. Pamela Ryan 20. Eliyahu and Leana Schwartz
7.   Sandy Kurby 14. Susan Hiscutt

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